Minky’s Atelier

Being a young fashion designer is hard, you have to put all your energy in your brand. Imagine to do the same, but for two brands ? That’s the case for Minky, a South Korean Fashion Designer, who created LIFE FORMULA and MINKY LUCKY POWER LAB. And today, he’s talking to us about them.

First of all, can you introduce yourself ?
I am Minky, a South Korean Fashion Designer. I also am the creator of my two Labels LIFE FORMULA and MINKY LUCKY POWER LAB !

What’s Minky Lucky Power Lab ?
It is my second brand and I named it with the my name’s rhyme and humor, I also was inspired by the comic book called Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 

How would you describe your brands ?
 LIFE FORMULA and MINKY LUCKY POWER LAB both shared the same spirit. Both focus and work on ‘original ethnic and local cultures’, developing them and contemporizing them to make interactions and synergies.

You said on your website that “We make the clothings that make not only body but also mind joyful and comfortable, with the thoughts that ‘If we share and deliver good vibes and luck, it could make synergy between and become limitlessly bigger’. Do you think that clothes have a certain power ? What does fashion mean to you ?
Yes of course ! But not by itself ! Clothing is meaningless without the wearer. However with the proper attitude of the wearer, it is really possible and it could act like a lucky charm! Clothing can empower the wearers’ mental power or vibes! To me, Fashion is the same as everyone else, it’s one of the fundamental things of our society. And like I mentioned, it is something that can empower our mind.

How would you describe Korean Fashion ?
It is really developing and there are lots of interesting works, but we need to work more on using and expressing the originality of our culture. 

How did the pandemic hit the fashion industry in Korea ? Did you feel an impact on your brands ?
Yes it impacted the fashion industry a lot and it changed the way people shop. Like everywhere else. And yes I felt the impact but it is how is our era.

Do you feel that because of the pandemic people are trying to change the way they consume fashion ?

Yes obviously, people spend more money for home and homewear or one-mile wear. Also people cannot visit off-line store so on-line communication has become more important.

How do you imagine the future of your brand ?
It would be more individualized, so more varied pieces but a smaller production. And this way it would keep its originality and authenticity. 

What do you wish for the fashion industry ?

Let’s not copy and paste each other.

Any advice for a young fashion designer ?

I am also a young fashion designer so let’s be original and strong together! 🙂 

All pictures are from @life_formula_official and @minkyluckypowerlab

Thanks Minky for this interview !