Ryan, Anna, Claire

Let me use the 1st person narrative to write this article so I could tell you the story behind the name 2nd Try in order to celebrate its first birthday. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Elena and I’m the founder of 2nd Try. 

Just like its name 2nd Try wants to give a second chance to our society, make it more diverse, inclusive and kind. Through art, music, fashion and culture 2nd try wishes to educate people with kindness and desacralize Art to make it affordable to all.

You may know the magazine’s DNA, but you don’t know the story behind its name. That’s why today, for the magazine’s first birthday, I’ll tell you all about it.


It all started during my last year in fashion school in Paris, when I had to create a project with Coralie and Manon, two close friends. We had to work around the fashion show of our school. We decided to create a sort of photo-story including photos, videos screenshots and illustrations involving 3 groups that made an impact on us : Karoshi Collective, Yaki Lamy and Letter from the Ripper. They were completely different, but there was something really interesting when they were together so we wanted to recreate it in a special editorial.

In order to realize this project, we planned 2 dates : one for a photoshoot, and one to interview Anna, Claire and Ryan, the designers. We thought everything was going to be fine, but then reality hit us hard. Between a bad communication and arguments, the project did not go well, and we ended up with something totally different from what we first had in mind. We had to improvise with the content we managed to have.

After spending a week on re-working our project, we finally gave it with a strange realization : we preferred the 2nd try. And we chose this name for our project. Because what’s raw and imperfect is way more interesting than what’s perfect. The 2nd try is better than the first one. Now you can discover our project below.


Well this is it, now you know 2nd Try’s origin story. I wanted to thank  Manon and Coralie, not only for realizing this project with me but also for letting me pick up this symbolical name for my magazine, and I also thank Claire, Anna and Ryan for getting on board with us to make this project with us. Because I didn’t only get a good grade at school thanks to it, I also got my magazine’s name, and a great story behind it to tell. Now, dear reader, I want to thank you for your support. I am honored to celebrate 2nd Try’s first birthday with you, and I can’t wait to celebrate the next ones too. This is only the beginning.

Written by Elena Gaudé.