Albert Jung Masquida is an artist from Strasbourg, Alsace. Under the name “Banditminuit”, he narrates his life experiences through his music, and today he agreed to talk to us about his first project, “Minuit”, released on October 15th.


First of all, why BanditMinuit ?

I embody a bandit, someone else to cope with my life experiences.  My music is quite sensitive, so it was also  creating a contrast with my name, and I liked the image of a 50s bandit.  “Minuit” (midnight in French) simply because I write and compose music at night.

Your first project “Minuit” was released on October 15th, how did you feel when it came out ?

I’ve been making music for a long time now but I’ve never finished a project, I’ve spent 6 months working on this project. I was torn between eagerness and fear, I was afraid of being vulnerable in front of an audience. This fear is the same for any musician, if you create something real you’ll get this fear. And I also wanted to tell what was inside of me.

How/When did you start music ? 

My mom is a singer, I know it’s cliché but I’ve  been surrounded by music since I was a kid. But when I grec up, I asked myself : should I do this ? Am I ready to take this risk ? I knew that I wouldn’t be happy if I didm’t do what I love, so after years of doubts, I decided to go all in.

From what/who do you get your inspiration ?

I have a classical base, I grew up with Rachmaninov (my favorite compositor), then I got into pop/rock/rap… I was inspired by Damso (Belgian rapper) in his way of telling stories, his intonation. I also was inspired by french variety singers such as Jacques Brel, Francis Cabrel, Michel Polnaref. I’d say that I get inspired by everything that I like.

Let’s talk about “Minuit”, what pushed you into making this project ? 

It’s a love story that did’t end well, it allowed me to do a sort of therapy by creating these songs, especially “l’amour n’est plus à la mode” (love is no longer trendy). There’s also “la nuit je ride”, which is a period of my life that inspired me, I thought it would be a great song that would speak to a lot of people. I wanted to say it my way, it allowed me to take a step back. The project narrates 2/3 months of my life.

You said that you took a step back from your single “l’amour n’est plus à la mode”, do you still think the same ? If so, why ? 

When I said that love is no longer trendy, I was having a conversation with a friend during lockdown and we talked about romantic relationships and she said that love is no longer trendy and I thought it could be an amazing title for a track. I believe in love but I feel like a lot of people don’t have the same belief and don’t really have a dream. So I guess I’d say that personally I believe in it, but the society doesn’t.

How would you describe your music ? 

I would describe it as something that comes from my heart, I’m all in and you can feel it, either in the sound or the text. I always try to create pretty things, ti search for new sonorities. I can’t put my music in a box, I’d say it’s between pop and rap… We always put things in boxes when we should break it. Sometimes things can’t be defined. 

How do you see your future in the music industry ? 

I’d love to live of my music. My primal goal is to live of my passion. I try to invest myself all in it. What’s important is not to see the future but to create it.

What’s next ?

What’s next is the acoustic video  clip of “la nuit je ride” (I ride at night). I also participated to a contest called “Prix Société Pernod Ricard France Live Music 2021” and for now I’m in the top 100, the top 10 will be announced November 27, so we’ll see. Then I’ll keep producing and narrating new things. I like to tell a story.

Thanks Banditminuit for this interview ! You can find his work on his Instagram, and you can discover his project “Minuit” on all streaming platforms.