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Hello Friend,

You didn’t get the newsletter for a while, and it’s because I  burned out. With the burn-out came a much needed break that took a full month. Not a lot of people know this, but I am alone behind this magazine. I thought I could do it alone but clearly, I was wrong. 

I am writing to you this way because I want to explain what’s about to change. Starting with the Newsletter since it’s my new way of communicating directly with you. That’s why I decided to make something more personnal, that’s more me. 

I’ll still keep you updated on 2nd Try’s latest things, but I’d also like to share some exhibitions I saw, books I read, movies I watched… Kind of like a letter sent to friends asking to catch up. 

So, what’s happened since my burn out ? I posted the teaser of my latest project “Rendez la Bretagne aux Bretons” on March 16th, but I worked during all of February. To illustrate the article, I went to Dinard, Brittany, with Coralie the stylist and Anna, the model. We were on a beach in the middle of winter, just to take photos. Here are a couple of them.

We wanted something “handmade”, and I’m really proud of the result. You can find it right below.


Outside of work, I took some time to read. I don’t want to make this newsletter too long so I’ll give you my favorite book of the month.


I never thought I’d be a graphic novel’s fan but I absolutely loved this one. I really felt carried away by the waves, discovering the author and his story with Kristen, the girl he loved. After Kristen’s death, A.J. Dungo has a mission : to tell their story, mixed with the history of surf, Kristen’s favorite sport. And it’s beautifully done.



Thank you for taking the time to read this first letter. 

Talk soon !