“Coercition libre” is the name of Louise’s collection, a 26-year-old Fashion student. Even though she is incredibly busy because of school, she took some time to tell us a bit more about her collection and how she managed to realize it during the pandemic.


How did this year go for you ?

I went through so many emotions this year… But I will say that this year was full of challenges, I had to surpass and manage myself ! At first it was really hard, between getting into my project and what defined myself as a creator.
It was full of surprises  too, doubts as well ! Financely speaking it was quite hard too, I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent for this collection…
Not to mention yellow jackets, the strikes, coronavirus, lockdown etc, it was intense. So I’d say that this year was a beautiful chaos.

You are here to talk about your collection, how did you name it ? Why this name ? 

I named my collection “coercition libre” because coercion is the action of compelling, and I am litterally compelling my pieces in order to create gathers.
But also because I think every individual is compelled by something that defines him such as his values, principles, religion, etc… And “libre” (free) to create an antonym. I feel like you can still be free in your coercion, hence the name of the collection.

Overall, how did your collection go ?

It was quite stressful, I had a lot of doubts while making it. I had to find a starting point, find what I wanted to express through my collection and how I wanted to express it.
Then it was research, research, research until I found something I like and tried to create something from it. When I found my ideas, fabrics, techniques, I started working on prototypes and then all happened quickly.

From what/who did you get inspired to create your collection ?

My collection has been inspired by the humanist movement, that took his ressources in the greco-roman era, so from this came my idea of gathers. It was the starting point.
Then I wanted it to be modern, so I wanted to focus on sportswear fabrics. I also worked with blazers from the classic vestiaire to add more structure to my looks.

What’s « fringale » ? 

Fringale (craving) is having a sudden hunger  ! 
It also means a burning desire, a will to do or say  something that is so increased you can’t keep yourself from acting, talking or expressing yourself ! That is why I called it “fringale”, because through my brand I want to feel free to share what’s important to me, my truth.

Tell us about your vision of Fashion. 

My vision of Fashion is to be eco-conscious. With everything that’s happening I think  it’s important for us to redefine as much as possible Fashion and its stigmata. Careful though, being eco-conscious doesn’t mean only using organic cotton or organic fabric (even if it’s style better than nothing).
It’s emphasizing second hand clothing, or prioritizing quality over quantity by consuming less but better.

What do you wish for the future of the fashion industry? 

I don’t really wish anything for the Fashion industry but more for the actors of the industry. I wish for all of us to be determined to make this word that represents our environment to not be ternished by taking responsabilities ! 
But I’d also like that Fashion – especially Haute Couture and RDW  – recovers its uniqueness and value because at the end of the day, all of the brands look alike, the volumes are quite the same. I wish people would stop creating clothes just to create something.

What’s next ?

I plan on developing new skills and acknowledges in different ateliers here and there, but mostly elsewhere.

Fashion film produced by @anais__pp @frenchgoatfilms
MUA : @stl.a_firework
Models : @_gyves @nanatonaydin
Assistant : @zazazow
Music : @tyteoverseas

Thanks again Louise for this interview ! Discover her work on her Instagram account@_fringale_