Benita is a singer, song-writer, artist from Toronto that makes R&B/Pop music. She released her first single in 2021 a month ago called “Pretty” and for the occasion, she agreed to do an interview for 2nd Try.


When did you start singing/making music ?

The first time I remember singing was at 6 Y.O. I performed a lot in highschool and did a lot of covers. I wrote songs here and there throughout my teens but started to make more music when I was 19/2. Around that same time I started singing background vocals for local Toronto artists but I didn’t start putting music out until a couple years after.

What’s your relationship to music ? What do you like to sing about ?

Music is everything to me, I knew I was born to do this because of how natural it is to create and sing. I think its beautiful how music is a language that everyone can understand in their own way. I love to put out music people can relate to based on my own personal experience, I love that I can represent the voice of how someone else is feeling.

I like to sing about things that are happening in my life, but at the same time I like to paint stories. I’ve always loved to be a storyteller. I like to use a lot of metaphors and imagery in my lyrics but then there are times where I just like to keep it simple with lyrics that could be said in a real conversation with someone. I’m also really inspired by movies and cinematography, and sometimes envision what the atmosphere or music video would be like during the creative process.

You said you were a songwriter, how did you make the transition from writing music for others to writing music for yourself ? 

I didn’t start my journey as a songwriter (for other people than myself) up until very recently. In the beginning I only wrote songs for myself but always thought of the idea of how much it would mean to write for an artist like Rihanna or Beyonce. I do both my artistry and song writing pretty equally but everything organically came together while working with other songwriters, artists and producers. I’ve still only scratched the surface as a songwriter but definitely excited to see where it goes.

If you could do a collab with any artist, who would you pick ? 

It would be Drake, his flows and writing style is inspiring not only to me but you can see it in the style of today’s music. I would love to be in the studio with him and see how he creates. It’d also be a dream to collab with Nicki Minaj. Other than them I would say Bryson Tiller or The Weeknd, I listen to them all the time.

Your latest single is called “Pretty”. What’s the story behind it ? 

This song is all about women and how we are perceived. I wanted to make a little bop for all the girls but at the same time have some meaning behind it. The lyrics goes “All my girls are pretty, inside out we pretty, if you movin shady you should know that it don’t phase me” it’s supposed to embody power and confidence. We always see people talk down on what women wear especially when their wearing less and it’s so easy to throw degrading words at them when most of the time all they want to do is casually post a sexy picture because their feeling themselves and are certainly allowed to.

You said it was about empowering women and self-confidence. I was wondering, what’s your journey with self-confidence ? 

I am always going to be on that journey because we all have our ups and downs. I can say I’ve entered a really good wave with being more kind to myself and being patient with things. Our worst enemy can really be ourselves.

Do you have any advice for young women who find it hard to love themselves?

I would probably say that everything you dislike about yourself is magnified because you see it everyday, and to other people it’s unnoticeable. It’s hard because we all struggle with little things sometimes but I can say those flaws you think you have are most likely exaggerated. Though, I wouldn’t tell anyone what to do with themselves, whatever makes you happy go for it and block out any voice that inhibits what you choose to do about it.

At the moment you only released singles, do you plan on releasing an album or an EP soon ? 

Yes, a full project is definitely on its way and I’m super excited to share it with you all. I’ve been working hard and made a million songs but I carved it down to what I think would be right for my first EP.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ? 

I see a lot more projects out and charting on the billboard haha! Whether that’s me or having song writing credits for my favourite artists. Would love to become a name in the city and have built a platform to inspire the future generation. I’m still learning and growing but very hopeful and excited for what’s to come.

Thanks again Benita for this interview !
You can find her on Instagram here, and listen to her music on all streaming platforms !
She released a new single called “Out of here”, check it out !

Written by Elena Gaudé.