Dim, the creator of Maison Noir

It all started when Dim was 17, he discovered a passion while watching “Behind the scenes” videos of famous craftspeople on Youtube. When he turned 18, he bought everything he needed to practice his art in order to create “Maison Noir”, his luxurioux handmade jewelry and accessories brand. Although he has a lot of work, he took some time to answer our questions.


How would you define your brand ? 
A lot of refinement, elegance, with a touch of minimalism.

You say that your brand is not only a jewelry brand, that it is your art, your vision of it and your story. How do you turn all of it into  your jewels ?
When people look at my jewels, they often say that they see my personality. I have a complex taste, so everything I touch or do, you know it’s in line with my personality. Through my jewels I try to bring a simplistic touch, sophisticated and sober.

Where do you find your inspiration ? How does your creative process happen ?
I get a lot of my inspiration from the brand DeGrisogono, each piece is a work of art. Most frequently I walk in Paris, listening to classical music, I let go of everything in my head and plan the future. I let my thoughts express themselves. When I have clear ideas, I write them in my notes, on my phone. 

What’s your favorite step in the creating process of a jewel ?
What I love most but which is also the longest step, is when I drill and mill the jewel that will be crimped with stones. I’m in my own bubble, I clear my mind, I’m just focused on what I do and how I do it because it is a step that  must be perfectly executed, so that the stones are perfectly placed on the metal.

You make your jewels on an order-based production, how do you manage your time and stress ? 
I start taking new orders when I’m done with the orders placed on my website, it allows me to focus on what’s not finished yet. Clients have to wait a week before I start carrying out their order and depending on the design, I can make it in 2 days or 1 week. 

On your Twitter account, you said that you stopped taking orders in August to focus on your jewels and your brand identity. How did it go ?
Yes I’ll take them back in november for the holidays, I’m actually re-working the Black Taylor ring’s design, which is a lot expected (the all black ring with black stones) and there are also 4 prototypes that I haven’t achieved yet.

Still talking about Twitter, I’ve also followed your really fast success debut, how did you manage it ?
I was clearly not ready and shocked that my photos took so much scale. At first, I didn’t expect it. I remember posting these photos thinking about my RTs and favs quota that I’m used to, which is 60-100. 2h later, my phones were vibrating. Now I receive a lot of Dms and notifications each time I post a jewel and it makes me so happy.

In a previous interview, you said that you are and will be a lot despised in this area because of the color of your skin.  Do you feel a certain pressure about it ?
Recently I’ve been told that I was no better than a certain jewelry brand from a certain influencer that I won’t quote. I find it sad that someone would belittle a person’s project only to highlight someone else’s project. I also have clients that allow themselves to act a way that they wouldn’t act around another brand or an already famous brand.

What do you plan for your brand in the future ?
Opening an atelier where I could work and why not sell my jewels. It’s my next move for 2021.

Are you working alone? Or is someone working with you ?
Yes I create my jewels alone at the moment, which is why it takes time to receive them.  I partnered up with a friend, Melissa, who’s my community manager, shel helps a lot. Soon she’ll be making jewelry with me, I’ll teach her.

For now, what are you the proudest of ?
What I’m the proudest of is my website, it is true to my image and my brand’s image. 

What’s next ?
I’ve been working on a project since may but I can’t talk about it yet. It has been on stand by due to COVID-19 but it will bring me a lot of visibility in Paris and Monaco.  

Thanks again Dim for this interview ! 
If you want to see more of his work, you can find his website here and his Instagram account there ! Go give him some love, he deserves it.

Written by Elena Gaudé.