Othélie is a 21 Y.O French singer, painter and photographer – what can’t she do ? – and today, we are lucky she took some time to meet us and talk about herself and her talents.


How would you describe yourself as an artist ?

I would say that my music is bewitching, I’m really inspired by the spleen, I’m so nostalgic when I’m writing, I get really sensible, I feel things 1000 times more and I want to pass it on. I would also say that I have an urban style, old school vibes with a part of originality.

What’s your relationship with music ?

My father and my two brothers are musicians, so music has always been in my life. At first, I was pushed into jazz music but then I started to leave it behind to find my own style. I’ve always sing, used my voice as an instrument. I started with covers and now it’s been a year since I started to write and compose my own music, from life experiences. The start was an urgent need to express so many feelings that were inside me.

What artists inspire you ?

There are a lot of artists that inspire me, I really love Stormzy’s lyrics, Daniel Caesar’s universe, H.E.R, Jhene Aiko…

Why do you sing in english ?

It’s simple, I’m really modest about my feelings and my voice, I’ve always felt like when I sang in french, my words were more impactful, people saw me naked. I feel more comfortable when I sing in english. And it’s easier to be understood when you sing in english, even though I don’t plan yet to get an international career, it creates future opportunities. By the way I’m more inspired by english-speaker artists, I recognize myself more in their music.

You talked to us about your relationship with music, but what’s your relationship with painting and photographs ?

I’d say that my photos are quite simple yet impactful and authentic.

Painting is all about the aesthetic for me, I get inspired by visuals, pictures I want to recreate with my style. I like to emphasize people that we’re not used to see. For a long time my paintings were sleek until I decided to take a risk and play with texture. I learned to detach myself from the result and I learned to enjoy the process.


What about your music process ?

It’s totally different ! I listen to prods I like, made by not well-known beatmakers, until I find one I really like. Then I take my phone, I wish that you’d never hear what’s in my memos, I sing in rubberish, I mix french/english in order to find the perfect melody. Finally, I tweak my work, but I have 0 idea of what it will look like.

If you had to choose one talent amongst all 3, which one would it be ?

Professionally, music is an industry really complicated and risky, I couldn’t leave everything and do it 100%, and I don’t want to. For now, I’m a professional photographer, so I think I’ll continue in this line, but I’ll never forget music or painting, especially since it’s connected to music. I think that if I earn enough money and I save it, why not use it to developp my music.

What’s your biggest fear ?

When I don’t have a project, I feel like I can’t flourish, I feel bad. I need to developp myself constantly. The worst thing to me is the lack of inspiration, I feel empty when I’m not inspired. My biggest fear would be to no longer create or no longer be satisfied of my work.

What’s next ?

I’d love to make video clips, being in the photography, I’d love to create my visual universe and expand myself visually. For now, I don’t have an album in mind, I’m writing and then I’ll sort it out.

Thanks again Othélie for this interview !

You can find Othélie on Instagram @jezebel___ to find more of her music and paintings or to discover her pictures.

Words : Elena Gaudé
Photos : Othélie